Convention Safety Procedures

Good evening everyone,

Following the events of the last 7 days, we at Fur Out West feel it is necessary to explain a few things clearly.

We are lucky enough to live in Australia, where there are quite a few laws to protect the rights of people like you, me and everyone… providing a right to live our lives without discrimination.

When a business registers an Australian Business Number (ABN), they become subject to Australian Consumer Laws (ACL). A Convention or any ticketed event can’t run without an ABN legally, and therefore we have to comply with those laws, even if to some it looks like we aren’t doing enough to protect others.

Under ACL, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone, unless there is an existing or potentially pending legal reason to do so…and even then that person has to be considered a risk to others at the event, or to the event itself.

As a Ticketed, closed door event we can set rules though that if broken during the event, can be acted upon accordingly…But ONLY if reported at the time, and up until this year, only if they happen within closed convention space (In the same way a bar can ban someone for starting a brawl, but the bar next door can’t unless the person is prosecuted)

As Fur Out West has grown now beyond our original thoughts, we are expanding our Terms of Entry to be inclusive of behaviour within public spaces while representing Fur Out West during convention time to reflect on some of the issues that happened outside of convention space during the 2021 convention…we can’t back date those conditions legally though, so they will be enforced as of the 2022 event. This is in line with larger Australian and Worldwide Convention entry terms. When you are wearing your badge, you will be considered an attendee.

It has to be clearly noted that a ban or badge removal is not a restraining order, people have ghosted conventions before in this manner. A convention can only prevent someone from entering convention spaces only.

Fur Out West was founded with the clear charter to be a fun, friendly and above all SAFE place for all attendees of ages, genders and orientations and we take any threats to safety very seriously as any member of our committee can tell you. We do our best, but we also have to comply with the law whilst doing so.

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Have any queries, concerns and/or issues? Contact us here. They will be handled in complete confidence. This is the only place that will accept any report numbers, etc. That way all 4 committee heads will have access to them. A response will be issued via that email only as well, so as to comply with the law.

~FurOutWest Team

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