FOW2022: Dealers

Do you hear them? They’re coming…. The gates have opened….

It’s that time again. We are now taking in names for people who want to deal at Fur Out West 2022, Fowassic Park. In order to grab a table you will have needed to grab a ticket first. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer at the convention please send through your expression of interest with the following template here. THIS WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, however we will have a waiting list should someone cancel their table.

– Badge Name:
– Ticket confirmation ID: FRTWST2022-
– Business/Trading name:
– Do you require power?: yes/no
– If there is a possibility of a double table, would you like one? (Not guaranteed): yes/no
– What items will you have for sale:
– When you need a break, will you have someone to cover your table? If so who? (Badge name and ticket confirmation ID of person who will cover for you):
– Will you be fursuiting?: yes/no
– Are there any special requirements of your table?:
– Telegram user name for dealers chat:



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