FOW 2021 – The Plague

Good afternoon Furs and Viking Voyagers.

As promised, the leaders of the horde are updating you all today following last week’s news about a possible plague towne being in the area.

It seems that the Western Lands overseeing Lorde has cracked down hard on the pesky spreaders, and we may have clear passage by the time our ship is stocked and ready to go raiding, but at this stage we just don’t know, but are hedging our bets on an 80% chance of going ahead as planned.

Below is a timeline that will need to happen before we can lift the gang planks and weigh our anchors…

1: The 2 Sq M rule HAS TO BE re-instated. Though we could operate on the 4 Sq M rule, (We have less than 150 attendees) it would be grossly unfair on you who have paid for the voyage, as the convention’s maximum room capacity based on that is under 40. We are making the assumption that once/if the mask rule is lifted next Saturday, the Stage 4 restrictions will go back into operation allowing us free passage.

2: There will be the ever present WA Safe Covid code at the entrance to all the main con spaces, including the dealer’s den and headless/photo lounge. This will be in addition to the one on the hotel’s front desk. We request that those that can, do the sensible thing and use it. There will also be a manual register on the check in desk for those not with smart phones.

3: At this stage, restriction lift or not we are going to be providing a mask and hand sanitizer in each and every conbag, including those of the Freya’s. We are hoping they will be optional and not a requirement in 6 weeks, but we know some of you will be more comfortable wearing them anyhow.

4: Should the Voyage be forced to postpone, we shall be looking at staying in 2021 still, but at a possible date in July. This however is a worst case scenario.


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