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Fur Out West: Myth and Magic!

From the fires of mystery and fantasy comes the next Fur Out West, based in a magical land far away where magic, myth and legend are real and go hand in hand. Join us on the 16th March 2019 for a day of fun in the lead up to our full convention, for several days of excitement!

Located in sunny Inglewood

Front of the hotel

Fur Out West 2.5: Myth and Magic will be hosted at the Civic Hotel, in Inglewood. The hotel itself has itself a long history of serving the people of Inglewood and surrounding areas for several decades and is located at the heart of Inglewood and just a little bit away from the bustle of Mount Lawley.

The Civic Hotels main bar and function areas have recently undergone redevelopment, in order to bring it into the modern era.

The hotel does have a very limited amount of rooms available for those who want to stay the night.

For more information on our venue, see here.

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