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Fur Out West: FoWassic Park!

“Welcome, welcome”, said the eccentric furry in their pristine white suit, “to FoWassic Park!”

Located near beautiful Scarborough Beach


For the first time, The Fur Out West: FoWassic Park convention will be hosted in the magnificent Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough, which is located less than half an hour by road west of Perth in Scarborough, Known to be a popular metropolitan coastal destination in Western Australia. Please see their accommodation page for more information. For our attendees they have a lagoon style pool with some magnificent ocean views, tennis courts as well as a fully equipped games room.

The hotel has its own fully licensed bar and cafe, but if those don’t take your fancy, there are plenty of other food locations in the area.

Not sure how to get there? See our transport page for more information.

Need a room? See our hotel page, complete with the needed discount code.


To attend Fur Out West: FoWassic Park, one must first purchase a ticket. Available options are listed below, with a link to the registration page.



All 3 days.

Conbook & Badge.

Pteranodon (Guardian)

(Parents & Guardians)

All 3 days.

Conbook & Badge.

Must have paid for child ticket.



All 3 days.

Conbook & Badge.

Thanks in conbook.

Sponsors Lunch

Official Sponsor Shirt

GOH Meet & Greet


(Super Sponsor)

All 3 days.

Conbook & Badge.

All benefits of Sponsor.

Super Sponsor Shirt

GOH Themed Gift

Please make sure that you are familiar with the policies, which you can find in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Please read that document before you register.
Please note: All registrations are fully transferable, however non-refundable. Registrations must be transferred for free or for less than the original price as per policy.

– Guardian (Pteranodon) tickets are only valid when they are attached to a paid for Standard (Compsognathus), Sponsor (Raptor) or Super sponsor (T-Rex) level registration.

Our Guests of Honor

Fur out west will announce our guest of honour at a later stage, as voted on by the community.

Charity we're supporting

Our charities of choice are chosen by you, the community. We will post our charity soon.



Why not try volunteering at Fur Out West? Let us know you wish to volunteer in your registration form, when available.

Get your tshirt

Available later in the year, we will have special pre-order shirts available. Check back for more information.

Panels and Events

What furry convention would be complete without various panels and events. Check back later for information.

Dealers Den

What furry convention would be complete without a place for people to sell wares? Applications for dealers will open up shortly.

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