Welcome to Fur Out West!

Hello all, young and old. Firebird Entertainment would like to invite you to the inaugural Fur Out West convention…
Furlantis! Enchantment under the Sea.
Fur Out West is a new furry convention that will be hosted annually in Western Australia.

We will have panels, dances, dealers dens, workshops and guests of honour (both international and Australian). We want this to be the best small convention in Australia…and also the most affordable.

Fur Out West has been born out of a unique idea that was formed a couple of years ago between friends and partners. It went into the full planning stages around August 2016 as it began to seem that WA was going to lose its previous furry convention. We had some great ideas, and we have assembled a highly-experienced convention team to put everything together.
‘Why is the idea unique’, I hear some ask? Well we are going to run Fur Out West always as an open book con, we believe the only one in the world.
There will be nothing hidden. Every receipt, every cost, every registration will be published openly on the website monthly. You will see where all the money comes in, and where it goes. Charity donations will be given in full to the convention charity with any deduction of fees. This means you as a community will absolutely know for sure that the con is being run by the community, for the community with absolutely no fees, profit or wages of any type taken by the organisers.
We are a not-for-profit convention. Should we pass our ‘break even’ point, 50% of all profits from the con will be donated to the con charity, and the other 50% will be securely held as seed money for 2018.
The committee members each have 1 vote when discussing committee business. The committee will be kept to odd numbers to prevent locked votes.
Speaking of “for the community, by the community” we want this con to be run by you! Con members will be invited to vote and guide the creation of their convention.

  • Guest of Honour will be voted for by the convention membership as a community on a Facebook poll. (Most popular will be approached first on availability…and then if a no, we will move down the popularity list)
  • The convention charity will be voted for, by you the members as a community on a Facebook poll. (Most popular will be approached first on availability…and then if a no, we will move down the popularity list)
  • Panels? How many and what do YOU want over the 3 days? A Poll will be put up once the Guest of Honour and Charity have been decided.
  • Other proposed changes to the convention will be put to a vote amongst the members.

So the team welcome you to Fur Out West: Furlantis. Delve into the treasures of The Coral Reef (Dealer’s Den), dance the night away in the beautiful Briny Club, and explore the aspects of the wonderful furry fandom in our panel rooms.

See the committee page for our committee for 2017!

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