We at Fur Out West believe that part of the fun of a con is, that they are fun for all. This unfortunately means that there are a few rules that need to be abided by to ensure that everyone has fun, and that they can continue to have fun in the following years.


Please don’t talk to anyone from the media about the con, just direct them towards our committee team. The media are not permitted at any time within the con spaces, however there is little we can do about them accessing the public areas of the hotel. Please bare that in mind if you are approached by a stranger asking questions.


If you are in public, please don’t do things that you wouldn’t in front of your parents or guardians. Remember…you are the public image of the fandom when you are at the convention. The hotel is not a closed environment, so give respect to the other non-furry guests AT ALL TIMES. What you get up to in your rooms is your business…after all, it is your security deposit! Excessive room damage will result in removal from the con, and a ban from future events.

Should the hotel staff receive behavioural complaints and pass them onto us you will be issued a single warning by our security team. A second intervention will result in the loss of your badge and removal from the con space.

Bad behaviour directly effects the viability of future cons. If venues won’t accept our business, there is no con.

The indoor pool is not a closed con space and all rules of a public pool must be followed. Security will be asked to keep a close eye on the pool and spa behaviour, as it is the most public area of the hotel. Despite our best efforts to negotiate, there is an inflatable ban in the pool for health and safety reasons.

Anyone who accepts a Convention pass agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Fur Out West, from any claim for personal injuries or other damages or equity arising out of any individual’s activities during Fur Out West.

Dress codes and decorum in public.

We are all aware of the disasters that have befallen other cons in the past, therefore it shouldn’t need to be said that there are some basic rules to be followed here.

Collars and harnesses are permitted while in suits that require them as props. Leads are to be avoided. Due to community feedback Australia and US wide. Fetish gear is not, nor ever will be in public spaces. This now also means Fursona suits that are based on Pup or horseplay bases due to likely misinterpretation by the public and parents of our underage attendees.

No weapons or imitation weapons are allowed within the convention or venue without prior approval of the committee.

It is the intention of Fur Out West to be a family friendly and PG 15 environment. Swearing or sexual behaviours in front of minors or the general public will result in immediate removal from the convention.

Should there be any areas or events during the con that warrant an over 18 warning, these will be clearly marked such as an After Dark trading section of the Den.

With the exception of the pool and spa deck, we ask you to always wear at least a shirt, shorts, and shoes in public areas of the hotel and convention centre.

At all convention operating times there will be a bar open within the hotel and convention space. Responsible service of alcohol laws will be strictly enforced, and anyone who appears to be over the sensible limit will not be served.

No alcohol purchased outside of the convention venue may be brought into and consumed in any public area of the venue or convention. This is a direct breach of liquor licence laws, and Fur Out West will hold you directly responsible for any fines incurred should compliance be alerted to a situation.

No drunken behaviour in public spaces will be tolerated.

It is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (penalty exceeds $6000) or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (penalty exceeds $5000).

There is no smoking in any portion of the venue, even in YOUR rooms. There is likewise no smoking in any portion of the Convention Space and Accommodation facilities. It is respectfully requested that those people who step outside to smoke kindly refrain from standing directly in front of any of the entrances, as the smoke is simply carried inside.

Should it become necessary to revoke a registration, it will be done so privately and based on a majority vote from the whole committee. The registration owner will have the right to appeal any decision should they wish.

It is a requirement that any final decisions are just that, and that all attendees of the convention respect them as such. No decisions to revoke will be made lightly, and will only be enacted if the actions have directly threatened the viability of the convention, or the safety of any of it’s attendees or the general public.


Fur Out West will provide a message board in a public area at Convention related events. Convention goers may post messages, place announcements for get-togethers etc. Keep it clean as this will be in a public area and can be seen by all.

Do not affix anything to the walls of the Convention Space and Accommodation facilities, including in the elevators…or on exterior windows.

Any posters/banners/media that is not 100% child friendly will be removed along with those that place it within a public space.

All rooms have balconies. It is within the hotel’s rules that no material of any type can be hung from the exterior balconies at any time.

Fur Out West believe in promoting the Fandom as a whole, so we have no issues with any other family friendly conventions and events being promoted during the convention time.


Please note: All registrations are fully transferable, however non-refundable. Registrations must be transferred for free or for less than the original price.

If an attendee knowingly purchases a ticket for a person who is banned or permabanned for attending Fur Out West events they run the risk of being banned themselves. Those who have been banned/permabanned will have already been informed personally by the FOW Chair, and are unable to purchase tickets for themselves.

Fur Out West hold no responsibility or liability for any financial disputes between convention attendees at any time, nor for misinformation conducted in the purchasing of tickets.


The offering for sale of any merchandise at the convention may be undertaken only in the Dealers’ room, and in the Art Show; in all cases the sale will be governed by the rules applicable to those areas.


Fur Out West will not tolerate any harassment of any sort, either verbal or physical amongst attendees. You will only have one warning. Back off, walk away and leave any Drama at home. This includes staring contests.

Substance Abuse

The police will be fully aware that there is a convention going on. No member of the committee or security team will hesitate to make the call should Fur Out West suspect any illegal substances are being distributed or consumed during the convention. The only place we want handcuffs to be around is in the privacy of your rooms, not as you are being led out in front of everyone to the back of a police van.

Photography and Video

Fur Out West understand that a convention is not a convention without pictures, videos and memories. The committee directly encourage attendees to take as many as they wish and spread them far and wide to show the joys of being a member of such a diverse and wonderful fandom and the fun that can be had at Fur Out West.

There are of course some exceptions.

  • No use of cameras of any sort are permitted inside the Fursuit/Costumers headless lounge.
  • No use of cameras of any type are permitted within the vicinity of the Art Show. This protects the integrity and intellectual rights of the artists who are advertising their wares.
  • No use of cameras of any type are permitted inside the Fursuit Photography Room with the exception of the Official Photography Team.

There may be some sensitive panels that request a no cameras rule. These will be clearly marked at entry.

Unless weather is a factor, the main fursuit shoot will be held on the fursuit walk. There is no ban on photographers taking their own shots at this time, unless they directly interfere with the official photography team’s efforts.\r\n\r\nAny person capturing photographs, footage or sound recordings must ensure that the subject of their capture grants permission for their likeness to be captured. Should an attendee object to being captured by any other attendee, official media team etc, the content must immediately be deleted.

Media Consent.

Fur Out West reserve the right to use any images, videos or sound recordings at any point in the future for promotional or media purposes taken within the con spaces, or any Convention organised activities.


We reserve the right to alter these policies at any time. Changes will always be promoted via social media or by email to any registered attendees.

Last Edited 14/2/2018 by Fur Out West.