This page is currently out of date and needs to be brought up to date.

Fur Out West aims to be open and honest with the community about our finances.

Our budget as it stands currently, is below

Based on


60x Standard tickets. $4800
30x Sponsor tickets. $4800
10x Super Sponsor tickets. $2500

Total $12500

Above is obviously slightly variable due to the Guardian tickets being half price.

Hotel $3500
GOH’s 2020 $5000
Sponsor packs $1800
Con Book (x100) $600
Ribbons and Lanyards $300
Badges (Assume not self printed) $540
AV 2020 $1500
Ancillaries $1000

Total: $14240


Initial costs for the website were around $25~ for the first year.
The second year costs ballooned to $171.
Current costs for the website are $12.49/year for the domain through Crazy Domains and $80.52/year ($59.40US) for the hosting through Anubianhost for following years. Including GST. Due on the 13th of December.