Meet the Committee

Fur Out West is organised by a committee of volunteers from within the local furry community, between us we have years of experience organising events and attending furry conventions both here and abroad. These are the people who make the event possible.



The resident chair dragon of the convention. Charity fursuiter and owner of Fur Out Wests’s parent company Firebird Entertainment.

Paul Kidd

Vice Chair

Assistant to the Chair-dragon. Full-time author and writer of RPGs and tabletop games. Was one of the first fursuiters in Australia.

Ruth of Pern


The dragon in charge of all the funds for the convention. Been running businesses for over 20 years. His aim is to bring joy out of every last cent.




Vlos has been involved in the community for around 13 years, and runs the Perth Furs facebook group.


Convention Photographer

Shalashaska has been involved in the furry community for several years, and is a very skilled photographer.


Fursuit Games & Activities

A member of our fursuit games and activities team and long standing member of the furry community. Don’t be afraid to say hi.


Dealers Coordinator

Dusty has been in the furry community for a considerable amount of years and is more than happy to help newbies. Dusty manages the Dealers Den.