Pre-registrations have now closed for #FOW18
Thank you to everyone for registering, look forward to seeing you all next weekend for #Furblockopolis
#FurOutWest #Hype #BringItOn #CantWait


Code of Conduct:

Please make sure that you are familiar with the policies, which you can find in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Please read that document before you register.
Please note: All registrations are fully transferable, however non-refundable. Registrations must be transferred for free or for less than the original price as per policy.

Supported payment methods:

Currently Fur Out West only accepts Bank Deposits as payment for registrations. Payment information is included on the registration form, and in the email you receive from us upon successful form submission. Please note that payment must be received (in full) ASAP or your registration may be cancelled. You may have to add our email addresses to your email accounts spam exceptions list. See below for the email addresses we use.

Notes for dealers:

We at Fur Out West love our dealers and truly appreciate all that they bring to the convention. We also take into account that dealers do not actually get to enjoy a lot of the convention itself.

As a show of our gratitude, dealer’s tables are free with any registration level, and we will also make sure you have dedicated sponsor style seating in all the main events such as Opening, Closing and Saturday night shows.

Our only rules in regards to dealing are:

  • Tables must be manned during opening hours.
  • Tables must be PG 15 or cleaner during daylight opening.
  • There maybe a 1-2hr after dark 18+ dealer’s time slot one evening if the community votes for it.
  • Tables are limited, and first-come-first-serve, so get in quick. Please mark on your registration form if you require power, and what you are dealing, as we may have to choose and would likely spread the options so a good balance of art/crafts are available.

If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at