We are proud to announce our next Guest of Honour, who is one of our fantastic local artists, Magicdawolfy!

Hello! My name is Magicdawolfy, or Cea depending on who you ask, I am a young artist from here in Perth, who specializes in cute cartoony character drawings! I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I’ve been drawing furries since I discovered an odd youtube video at the (terribly) young age of 13. In that time I’ve progressed from silly microsoft paint doodles to full-scale paid commissions! I’ve been hanging around the local community since around 2013, so most of you probably know me in one way or another!I am incredibly honored to be voted guest of honor for Fur Out West 2017, and I look forward to meeting you all there!

She has also been kind enough to donate our banner character to Fur Out West for use as our mascott. They are a morpher/shapeshifter/changeling who will be following us and changing from year to year, but they don’t have a name yet. The community will choose that for them in an upcoming poll, which will be on the FurOutWest facebook page when ready. 🙂