Lupe & Blue

We are proud to announce our first Guests of Honour (yes you read it right, Guests) are Lazy lupe and Lucky Dog Fursuits, who have decided to come along as a team. 🙂



Hi there! The name’s Lupe or “LazyLupe’. My speciality is fursuit making and my company is LupeSuits. I am based in QLD Australia and have been creating costumes since 2011. In this time I’ve created over 150 fursuits and counting. I’m known for my large, cutesy toony style and am one of the only Australian fursuit makers commonly recognisable worldwide. I’ve travelled to many conventions around Australia and recently to MidWest FurFest over in the States. I am looking forward to making an appearance at the very first Fur Out West. Hope to see you there!




Hello! My name is Gabi, but my friends call me Blue. My fursona is an African Wild Dog named Blue Moon Rise, or Blue for short. I run a small fursuit making company called Lucky Dog Fursuits, so I am also known as Lucky Dog to some. I have been a part of the fandom for just over a year, and I’ve been making suits since May 2016. My company is named after my rescue dog, Lucky, who I unfortunately had to give away in June last year. He was, and still remains, one of my best friends, and the greatest dog anyone could ask for. You can follow me on my Facebook page, Lucky Dog Fursuits.