Here are some helpful links to other websites in the local, national and international furry community:

Western Australia

Australia – Furry Cons & Events

  • Confurgence – Australia’s largest furry convention, held in Melbourne.
  • FurDU – Australia’s favourite “partycon”, held on the Gold Coast.
  • WaFF – a large scale furry meet, held in Perth.
  • RivFur – Brisbane’s annual furry convention.
  • Harbour City Furcon – furry con held in Sydney.
  • BunFur – Furry gathering held in Bundaberg, QLD.

Australia – Furry Community

General Furry Sites

  • FurAffinity – Largest furry art site on the Internet.
  • SoFurry – Art and stories.
  • Weasyl – An up-and-coming furry art site.
  • WikiFur – Furry wiki site.

Thanks to Flye for some of the items in this list.