FurOutWest 2017 – Parents and Guardians Announcement

Good evening furries of all ages.

We at Fur Out West have a fantastic announcement to make.

It was always our mantra from day one that we would include every fur in the fandom if it was at all possible, as we know there is a growing and flourishing population of younger furs born of the Zootopia generation.

We can now announce that minors will be 100% welcome as Ruth our treasurer has managed to secure the correct insurance after negotiations through a very helpful broker.

The insurance comes with three stipulations though that under WA law, we have to enforce.

• Those aged 16-18 may attend the con themselves with parental/guardian permission.
• Those aged 15 or younger must have a Parent/Guardian in attendance with them within convention space.
• All under 18’s will have a different colour of convention badge and/or ribbon that clearly identifies them to bar and convention staff that must be worn at all times.

Due the conditions above in regards to under 15’s, we at Fur Out West have come to the decision that we will offer a single parent/guardian ticket price of $40 to any full price ticket registered to a minor as we know that some parents/guardians are not themselves furry…Yet!

Rest assured to the over 18’s, we at Fur Out West are going to ensure that entertainment and panel content will suit all, and therefore certain shows and panels if they are voted for in the upcoming polls will come with a clear MA18 warning upon entrance.


Fur Out West team.


  1. Anonymous July 8, 2017

    Thanks for letting us know :3

  2. Joy Pickering October 11, 2017

    I look after a 20 yr old girl with Autism who is quite high functioning and loves all things furry. Zoe is super excited to be able to attend the convention so as her full time carer/guardian I would like to request a special price ticket. She has a Companion card which usually entitles carers to free admission to many places so if you could let me know what you can do for us that would be great, thank you, Joy Pickering. Mandurah

    • Fur Out West October 14, 2017

      Hi, please contact furoutwest (at) gmail (dot) com with your request as such requests are handled via email.

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