Fur Out West 2018 – Housekeeping Announcement


Just a little update and set of house keeping notes for all of you as the convention is rapidly approaching.
All is ready and raring to go here, and we are just itching to make this the best con we possibly can.
Just a reminder that we are closing Sponsor registrations on the 19th Oct unless we sell out before. There are only a few spots left though if you want to claim the spectacular sponsor pack featured below.

Our con shirts are also still available to pre-order if you want to guarantee availability…and remember that $5 of the $35 purchase price goes straight to the Dingos.
Anyone got anything they want to squeeze into our community conbook? Submissions close on the 19th Oct.
The hotel still has around 30 rooms left in our block, including quite a few of the cheapest rate ones. Any unreserved ones will be released back to the general public though on the 1st of November.

See you all there!

Click here to register.
Click here to order con shirts.

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