Fur Out West aims to be open and honest with the community about our finances.

Our budget as it stands currently, is below

Based on

  • 80x Standard regos at $80 each. $6400.
  • 20x Sponsor Regos at $160 each. $3200.

Total $9600.

Setting initial balloon at $9000.

  • Venue: $3259.
  • GOH: $3000. This to include…airflights. 7 nights in a mid room and $70/day. food allowance. FoW will treat our guests right! Taking that into account…$1500 for return flights means more or less anywhere in the world pull.
  • Ancillaries: $2600: This is insurance, shirts, conbook, AV hire, etc.


  • Initial costs for the website were around $25~ for the first year.
  • Current costs for the website are $22.26 for the domain and $145.07 for the hosting through GoDaddy for following years. Including GST. Due on the 19th of December.