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Fur Out West 2018 – Pre-Reg Announcement

Good morning all,

Just a reminder that pre-registrations close in two weeks on the 11th of November at 20.00 WST.

All dealer’s tables/spots are now confirmed as booked.

The hotel is going to release the 9 remaining residential rooms in our block to general sale on the 1st of November, so if you still haven’t booked somewhere to stay for the con, phone The Atrium on 0895356633 using the code FOW18 to get the special room rates before then, or there is a chance that they will sell out like they did last year.

See you all there!


Fur Out West 2018 – Housekeeping Announcement


Just a little update and set of house keeping notes for all of you as the convention is rapidly approaching.
All is ready and raring to go here, and we are just itching to make this the best con we possibly can.
Just a reminder that we are closing Sponsor registrations on the 19th Oct unless we sell out before. There are only a few spots left though if you want to claim the spectacular sponsor pack featured below.

Our con shirts are also still available to pre-order if you want to guarantee availability…and remember that $5 of the $35 purchase price goes straight to the Dingos.
Anyone got anything they want to squeeze into our community conbook? Submissions close on the 19th Oct.
The hotel still has around 30 rooms left in our block, including quite a few of the cheapest rate ones. Any unreserved ones will be released back to the general public though on the 1st of November.

See you all there!

Click here to register.
Click here to order con shirts.

Fur Out West 2018 – Pre-Order Shirts Now Available!

Greetings friends,

We are pleased to announce that shirt orders are now open for this year’s con shirts, designed by our awesome GOH Eastern Dragon Studios

Head on over to and place an order for yours today!

Orders close midnight Friday 19th October to allow for printing and delivery times.

Pre-Order Shirt

Stay furry!



FOW2018- Sponsor Benefits Update!

Greetings friends,

Just letting you know that we’ve added and updated the sponsor benefits to include the items in the below image:

We are going all out to get everything ready for you guys at the convention this year.

Contains: Exclusive sponsor shirt, 1 mini block set, 1 mini game, 1 minifig your-character-here keychain, exclusive lanyard, and more!

A picture of what is contained within our FOW Sponsorship Bags

Contains: Exclusive sponsor shirt, 1x mini block set, 1x mini game, 1x minifig your-character-here keychain, exclusive lanyard, and more!

Sponsor registrations end on 19th October unless sold out before, so get yours fast! To register for the convention to receive one of these unique bags, please register for our sponsor level membership through the linked page.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

~ Admin

Site Maintenance 01/09/2018

Hi all,

Just letting you know that the website will be down for around 30 mins to an hour on the 1st of September 2018, from 9pm for urgent maintenance.


FOW 2018 – Guests of Honour & Charity Announcement

Good evening everyfur

We are proud to announce our fantastic Guest of Honours and our charity for this year’s #FurOutWest #Furblockopolis.

Introducing the talented artist and fursuit maker Kaikirith from Eastern Dragon Studios.

And the amazing dancer and youtuber Blu the Dragon

Lastly, but not the least, our charity for 2018 is the amazing Western Australian Dingo Association!

They will be an active part of the convention, so be sure to say hi.

FOW 2018 – Guest of Honour Poll

Here’s the link to the poll to determine the two guests of honour for 2018:
Will need a Facebook account to vote, unfortunately.


Fur Out West 2018: Presenting Furblockopolis

Furblockopolis banner
Presenting FuroutWest Furblockopolis 16th to 18th of November 2018 at The Atrium Resort in Mandurah.

Tirek is joining us again, though rather than swimming elegantly, he is looking a little more…blocky!
How will his city look this time? Who knows, but his many friends are coming along and invite you all to join them for even more fun and events!

Watch out for the community polls as they are released soon!

FOW 2017 over, Work on FOW 2018 begins

Our hard work on FOW 2017 is now over – we finished the convention raising a grand total of $3850 for the charity (Assistance Dogs Australia) with a total attendance of 112 furs, and we’ve started work on FOW 2018.
There’s some exciting stuff in the pipeline for FOW 2018, just wait and see.

FOW 2017 – Convention Feedback

What…It’s Monday already?
That would mean the first ever FurOutWest is over, and the preparations for 2018 are already underway.
As the community con though, we could really do with some feedback before we go into debriefing as a committee.
What did you like?
What do you think needs to improve?
What didn’t you like?
Now we also understand that you may think we won’t like the answers, but I can assure you that every single bit of feedback we receive will be read and replied to, good or bad. After all, we actually listen to everything that you say, as we fully admit that despite our experience, we can always learn.
Drop a line using the on the facebook page, or on the form here, if you want to keep your feedback private.